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Drumpf: A Limerick

Warning: If you have any positive feelings about Donald Trump, please don’t read this. 

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“Romeo + Juliet” Dream Cast

One of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, and a personal favourite of mine, Romeo & Juliet has seen many different adaptations over the years, with a whole array of thespians tackling the cast over the years. Here is my list of actors whom I think ought to have a shot at Shakespeare’s characters.

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Some Thoughts on Youtuber Books

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you will probably be aware of the newest trend in media- YouTubers. They are a forever growing pool of online content creators, making and uploading YouTube videos on a vast array of subjects from beauty to cooking to “challenge” videos to video gaming to skits to video blogging their lives. More often than not, these enterprising millennials started off simply by talking to cameras in their bedrooms and uploading pixellated and oddly edited videos, before garnering subscribers by the millions, becoming celebrities in their own right. Many new opportunities are presented to these YouTubers- some have met President Obama, some host radio shows, and some have record deals. However the latest craze that has swept through the YouTuber world like wildfire is the deluge of “YouTuber books.”

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YA to Classics: The Gateway Books

I’m a nerd. An over-the-top, overly emotional, unreserved nerd who stressed out over the fate of fictional characters created two-and-a-half centuries ago. I’m also the kind of nerd that wakes up at night hyperventilating over the parallels between Thomas Hardy and William Shakespeare, or about Jane Austen’s masterful social subversion. It always surprises me then when so many teenagers are wary of classic literature- I know it’s not because they don’t love reading. After all, YA literature has legions of passionate fans, and well it should. It is after all tailored to the teen demographic. But it seems a terrible shame that so many people miss out on the joy of classic literature because it seems so intimidating. To that end, I have compiled a list of “gateway classics” that I believe provide a smooth transition from Young Adult literature to classics.

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The Classics Book Tag

This tag originated with It’s A Book World. I read mainly classics, so I thought- why not have some fun with it? Here we go…

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My Life in Books

New Year’s Eve is here. The time of year when you spiral into a panicked recollection of the way another year has been squandered on disasters, failures, and disappointment, and hope desperately that 2016 will finally be the year you get a magic Bridget Jones-y fresh start on it all. Or you get to be thankful for the year of blessings and change and success that you’ve had. Either way, it’s a time for reflection, recollection, and remembrance. Rather than dwelling simply on the past year, I thought I would reflect on MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

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The Book Sacrifice Tag

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, and I intend no offense to people who love these books- each unto their own. This is all in good fun!

This is a shameless rip-off of a tag I saw the lovely Ariel Bissett do on YouTube. In case you hadn’t realised, I’ve got a lot of pent-up rancour. I love books, but of course there are some books that I…. don’t. Nobody tagged me in this, but I DO WHAT I WANT OKAY.

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“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown: Review

It invoked the ire of the Catholic Church. It was banned in a multitude of countries. It found its face in Tom Hanks. “The Da Vinci Code” has a reputation that precedes it by far, the book that the Church deemed “insulting to Jesus Christ,” it is perhaps one of the most controversial books ever written. Of course I read it.

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Star Wars: The Cyclical Nature of Mythos

Yesterday, I went to go see Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Fear not- I promise I won’t spoil it. Just know this:
1) The new characters are AWESOME.
2) This is one of the best movies in the franchise, definitely better than all the prequels.
3) JJ Abrams did it.

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